Announcing Anyware, LLC

On May 7, 2020 Anyware, LLC, a Maryland limited liability company, was formed as a single member business. Anyware, LLC was created to provide cost effective Computer Engineering hardware, software, and firmware development services for a range of applications and platforms in today’s gig-based economy.

Anyware, LLC is also a producer of consumer based app products. With the formation of the LLC, four apps are scheduled for release on the Fitbit App Gallery for the Fitbit VersaTM, Versa 2TM and IonicTM fitness tracker watches. These apps include:

  • Simple poker hand rankings list
  • Moon phase and illumination for any date
  • Sunrise and sunset for any date
  • Current preliminary air quality index (AQI) from closest monitoring station

Mr. Paul Shultz, Managing Member, has over 35-years of design engineering, product development, manufacturing, technical management, and executive leadership experience with commercial and military customers.

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